Tools you can use: Site Selection and Market Data 

October 31, 2023

The Greenbrier Valley EDC maintains a list of all commercial property and makes them available on our website. While we work to find and/or make sites attractive for business recruitment, we also keep tabs on these properties to ensure that every business – especially those grown right here in the Greenbrier Valley – finds a spot to meet their needs.  Not only can our interactive site give you a glimpse of the inventory in our three counties, it can also give business owners a look at another important tool – access to market data. 

Let’s dive in. 

Finding the Right Property 

What buildings are available for lease near the interstate?   
I’m looking for a building with high ceilings and open space, do you know of anything?   
I’m looking for land between these two locations. What is available? 

The Greenbrier Valley EDC fields these kinds of questions weekly regarding available real estate in our three-county region.  Sometimes these questions are in the form of RFIs (Request for Information) from Site Selectors looking for spots for companies relocating. But mostly these calls come from our own local businesses and entrepreneurs looking for their perfect spot for starting or expanding.  

Of course, the EDC owns and manages property in each county, but we do not limit our information to only the property we own.  We strive to match the needs of the business with the property that is available. And so having a reliable inventory is important. 

Good news? Through Greenbrier Valley’s amazing network of realtors and private owners, we have built a solid database of commercial properties for sale and lease.  Not so good news? Inventory on commercial property – particularly warehouse space – is limited. As of this writing there are 40 total properties within a three-county area. Silver lining? Low inventory means business is good, it also means there is room in the market for additional opportunities. 

We’re in the business of matching need and opportunity.  And so, the Greenbrier Valley EDC’s database of properties is available on our website for all to see – no membership or log-in required.   

Search our Site 

From our Home page, under the Sites tab, click Search Sites and Buildings. Buildings and Sites (land only) are listed separately, and you can navigate between the two by using the top menu.  

The selection tool is built on ESRI, one of the most recognizable GIS platforms. Buildings and Sites are searchable by location, by square footage, or by feature of property just by clicking the search button. 

The green ribbon above the map shows a number of tools you can use for more information. Use the Layer tool to add different dimensions to the map – show opportunity zones or protected land, access to rail or proximity to hospitals. Draw radii around a specific community you are searching for, or measure between points on the map. Heat maps show population density and other features.

Each property has its own landing page with further details on the site, additional photos, and the ability to display the information in a printer-friendly format. You can even pull ESRI reports on demographics, including traffic counts just on that selected property. 

If you find multiple properties, you can save properties into a folder and share them with a link. 

If you don’t find all the information you need, let us know, and we can help fill in the blanks. 

We work hard to ensure this database is accurate and up to date, so that when the next call comes, and whatever the needs of the business are, we can show all of the opportunities. 

Looking for Data? 

If you are more interested in market data, this tool can also be an important part of your market research. Use the Area tab at the top to run reports on the state, region, county or community level. Find the reports by selecting the area you want to investigate on the left-hand side of the screen.  

From community profiles to household expenditures to traffic counts, the data with this ESRI platform can be valuable for local entrepreneurs in building their market profiles.   

With close to 20 separate reports, there is valuable data to pull and analyze on local markets, you can: 

  • Find basic demographic data including household income, age, gender with Community Profiles 
  • Pull an infographic for your business plan using a Graphic Profile 
  • Analyze annual retail spending by category for the area with Retail Goods and Servies Expenditures 
  • Find the dominant market segment/profile of the community you are interested in with the Dominant Tapestry Segment report. (The top segment of the Greenbrier Valley is Rural Rooted, followed by Small Town Sincerity, and Rural Resort Dwellers.) 

Data is powerful, and knowing your market is essential. If a local market is important to your business, this local data should be important to you.  

List your property 

If you have properties that could be home for a new or existing business, we can add them to our listings – no charge, no catch.  You can fill out this form to get started and we’ll contact you to see if the property will be a fit for our listing. The property has to be commercial (and appropriately zoned if applicable); we don’t list residential property.      

If your property has over 10,000 square feet or 10 developable acres, we can take your listing a step further and add the property to the West Virginia Department of Economic Development’s database. This database consists of top sites and buildings across the state for site selectors and businesses alike to comb through. 

Let us help 

Providing data on sites and local markets online and free of charge is just another way we work to help businesses in our region start and grow. If you have questions about anything we’ve discussed here, please let us know. We’re happy to walk you through the process of finding and listing a property, or using the site for your market research. Happy searching!