Greenbrier Valley utilities are ready to help your company grow

West Virginia’s Greenbrier Valley is a productive place to do business — and one of the biggest reasons is the friendly attitude of the utility providers who serve our area. They’re eager to meet the needs of companies coming to or expanding in our region, and they’re happy to discuss the best ways to serve your company’s unique utility needs. We can connect you with the utility experts who can answer all your questions!


Local companies are assured of reliable and affordable electric power in Greenbrier Valley because our communities are served by two of the nation’s largest energy providers.

Pocahontas County and the Greenbrier Valley Industrial Park are served by MonPower, a FirstEnergy company. And Monroe County and much of Greenbrier County receives its electricity from American Electric Power (AEP). All of the industrial parks in Greenbrier Valley have access to three-phase power.

Natural Gas

Much of Greenbrier and Monroe counties are served by Mountaineer Gas Company through a network with pressures as high as 100 psi. Mountaineer’s staff and our team work closely to address the natural gas requirements of companies considering relocating to or expanding in Greenbrier Valley.

Water & Sewer

Greenbrier Valley’s water and sewer needs are met by a number of local utility providers. The Red Sulphur Public Service District’s water plant has an excess capacity of 330,000 gallons per day (gpd) and its sewage treatment plant has 220,000 gpd of excess capacity. The Town of Marlinton’s utility also has room to accommodate growing businesses with 71,500 gpd of excess water capacity and an identical amount of excess sewer treatment capacity.  Other providers include the towns of Lewisburg, Rainelle, Ronceverte, Hillsboro, and Durbin as well as public service districts across the counties.


Greenbrier Valley is served by Optimum, CityNet, Frontier, Shentel, SKSRT, Countrymen Communications, and Gigabeam with more broadband providers moving into the area. Both Greenbrier Valley Industrial Park and Fountain Springs can download data at gigabyte speeds.