Opportunity Zones and HUBzones in Greenbrier Valley

West Virginia’s Greenbrier Valley offers a variety of business sites that qualify as Opportunity Zones and HUBzones, offering special incentives to companies that invest in creating jobs to strengthen the local economy.

Our Opportunity Zones

Greenbrier Valley’s Federally designated Opportunity Zones support the development of workforce and affordable housing in areas with escalating prices and inventory shortages, encourage infrastructure development and capital improvements to underutilized assets, and help innovative startups achieve rapid increases in scale. Companies investing in Opportunity Funds in these areas may receive significant tax incentives such as deferrals on capital gains taxes.

The West Virginia Opportunity Zone Incentive, which can be used with or without the Federal Opportunity Fund incentive, gives new businesses created in these opportunity zones exemption from state corporate and personal income tax for 10 years, depending on the corporate form.

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Named for the French equivalent of Greenbrier, Ronceverte was founded as a key port and railroad town on the Greenbrier River. Centered on a quaint historic district, Ronceverte is noted for its affordable housing and livable neighborhoods, the county’s largest municipal park, and an abundance of outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, canoeing, boating, and fishing. Home to three manufacturers with large headcounts, the town is enjoying healthy, growing demand for local shopping and dining options. Learn more…

The springs that give the town its name led to construction of one of the nation’s most elegant hotels – the majestic Greenbrier Resort. Recent years have seen an influx of public and private investment to reinvigorate the community’s historic downtown. Its proximity to natural resources and location at the southern end of the Monongahela National Forest has made White Sulphur Springs a hub for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The community is also home to the National Fish Hatchery and the Greenbrier State Forest. Learn more…

The county seat for Monroe County, Union dates back to 1800. Back then, it was a stopping point for settlers heading west across the Allegheny Mountains.  The community is also a gateway to the Allegheny Trail, George Washington National Forest, Jefferson National Forest, Moncove Lake State Park, and Hanging Rock Observatory. The town’s historic architecture has created a fertile environment for independent shops and restaurants. Learn more…

About Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones were created to support recovery and growth in distressed communities. Investors are provided tax incentives for investing in rural and low-income areas. New businesses benefit from the real estate or business investments within these areas, while also enjoying tax deferring benefits on any capital gains received from these investments.

Greenbrier Valley Opportunity Zones aim to:

  • Promote economic vitality in parts of the state that have not shared in the general prosperity over the past few years
  • Fund the development of workforce and affordable housing in areas with escalating prices and inventory shortages
  • Fund new infrastructure to support population and economic growth
  • Invest in startup businesses who have potential for rapid increases in scale
  • Upgrade the capability of existing underutilized assets through capital improvement investments


The federal HUBZone program provides preferential federal procurement opportunities to small businesses that earn certification by hiring employees who live in HUBZone areas. Becoming HUBZone certified allows companies to compete for set-aside contractors and receive a price evaluation preference in other contract competitions.

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