This March, and this year, we are celebrating 30 years of service for Greenbrier Valley EDC.  Since our creation – a result of House Bill 4587 – our commitment to the businesses and communities of Greenbrier, Monroe and Pocahontas Counties has not waivered. We are proud of the accomplishments of our region, our organization, and can’t wait to see what is next.

This pride combined with our 30th year will be highlighted throughout 2024 with a new campaign we hope you will join, one that says we are #GreenbrierValleyProud!

We have so many reasons to be proud – fantastic employers, big opportunities, amazing communities. Why are we #GreenbrierValleyProud? There is not enough room in the blog to list all the reasons. But we’ll start with a few:

  • Greenbrier Valley EDC’s Rahall Business and Technology Center at the Airport Industrial Park provides more than 106,000 square feet of space for six businesses, one nonprofit and two government organizations. This space creates job opportunities and solutions to expanding businesses that show how we are #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • One of these great companies at Rahall is Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. Most folks counted this great brewery out a year ago, but the brand is stronger than ever with an amazing team.  Owner Josh Bennet just won Entrepreneur of the Year from the WV Hive, why wouldn’t we be #GreenbrierValleyProud?
  • The Greenbrier Valley was designated an AA Rated BioDevelopment Opportunity Zone, the 4th North American designation and the 1st in WV, showing we have what it takes to support new innovations in firms specializing in products utilizing wood resources.  Opportunities point to #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • Collins Aerospace, a division of Fortune 500 company Raytheon, is one of the region’s largest employers. Their innovative designs for aerospace technology come to life right here in our region and make us #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • The Greenbrier Valley is home to the world’s largest sauna manufacturer – Almost Heaven Saunas.  Now owned by the international company HARVIA, this sauna superstar started in 1977 in Renick, WV. All of its world-class saunas are made here in the Greenbrier Valley and shipped all over the world, making #GreenbrierValley Proud.
  • Mott Manufacturing is celebrating 15 years at its Maxwelton location and 60 years in business overall. Our Greenbrier Valley operation produces high quality wood products to add to the Company’s line of custom laboratory equipment.  This outstanding crew makes #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • The Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation is also celebrating a birthday – for more than 25 years, this philanthropic organization has been channeling funds to great causes and improving the lives of our residents. We are definitely #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • The WVSOM, located in Lewisburg, is not only a leader in osteopathic education, but an amazing community asset. They’ve just unveiled new Master’s Program that will continue to shape healthcare and create more people that are #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • Snowshoe Mountain Resort and outdoor recreation is thriving in Pocahontas County.  Started more than 50 years ago, this world class resort, now owned by Alterra Mountain Company, employs hundreds and has committed to a $15 minimum wage. Employers who are showing up for their employees make us #GreenbrierValleyProud.
  • And in the midst of accomplishments, we’ve seen devastation – from floods to business closures.  But people in the Greenbrier Valley show up and help their communities and neighbors in any way they can. We have each others backs, and this makes us terribly #Greenbrier Valley Proud

It’s hard to stop listing the reasons, so we won’t!  Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn for other great accomplishments. And join us in highlighting all the reasons we love to live, play, work and do business here.  What makes you #GreenbrierValleyProud?