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Greenbrier Valley Map

Perched in breathtaking southern West Virginia along the Virginia border, Greenbrier Valley comprises three counties long known for their natural beauty and historic charm, but also recognized for creating a supportive environment for growing businesses and a comfortable place for workers to call home.

Ideal for Many Sectors

With access to extensive resources in hardwoods and agriculture, proximity to major business centers with a strong network of suppliers, and a workforce that continues to believe in employer loyalty and a job well done, Greenbrier Valley is the ideal setting for companies in both traditional and innovative industries. From aerospace and aviation, to hardwood products, to manufacturing, and more, we’re home to remarkable opportunities. And our region’s natural beauty and abundance of state and national recreational sites makes Greenbrier Valley a magnet for businesses serving tourism.

Huge Labor Shed

Our region’s labor shed encompasses more than 282,000 people, many of whom grew up around timber production, mining, and other industries demanding a good day’s work. They’ve developed easily transferable skills and a deep appreciation for taking pride in what they do. Local education providers keep our workforce strong by promoting skills in the areas employers need most.

Robust Transportation Infrastructure

Our region’s transportation network keeps companies well-connected with the world. Interstate 64 connects our region with Interstates 77, 79, and 81 and other U.S. and state highways, as well as Norfolk’s deepwater port and river ports in Charleston and Huntington. Rail users benefit from access to both CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines. Greenbrier Valley Airport (KLWB), Charleston Yeager Airport (KCRW), and Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (KROA) offer extensive commercial service and general aviation, and KROA has an onsite cargo facility.

The Greenbrier Valley EDC is your first stop for answers to all your questions about doing business and living in our beautiful valley. We’re your single source for everything you want to know about Greenbrier Valley!